Interconnectedness: Part 2, 12+

Ages 12+, Taught by Robert Daniel, 10:30 AM-Noon

  • $155 per quarter
  • Brookside Congregational Church, 2013 Elm Street, Manchester

Service Description

You survived the challenges of the first interconnectedness course and kept your sanity. Now, come and explore what might come next. This time, we will explore our interconnectedness with space age technology! In a series of educational escape room challenges and fascinating focal readings (from scientific philosophers like Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku), explore the possible future of the extended order as we are at the dawn of: Artificial Intelligence, telekinesis, mind melding, creating solid objects at will and … the “singularity”! What is the Millennial generation going to be a part of ? The implications are simply …… <end transmission> New students are welcome to join.

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2013 Elm Street, Manchester, NH, USA