Ages 8+, Taught by Christina Knickerbocker, 11-noon

  • $105 per quarter
  • Brookside Congregational Church, 2013 Elm Street, Manchester

Service Description

Can’t get enough of playing board games with your fellow homeschoolers and not being bored (see what I did there)? Kids, bring in your favorites to share with the class and learn to play new ones. Parents, your kids will practice math (scoring, Parcheesi), geography (National Parks, Ticket to Ride), spelling (bananagrams, Munchkin), reading (Exploding kittens) spatial relations (rush hour, blokus) and most of all “soft skills" like; good sportsmanship, taking turns, and that dreaded word all homeschoolers “love,” socialization! (dun dun duuuun) There is a minimum requirement of six students to run this class.

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2013 Elm Street, Manchester, NH, USA