Instructors and Staff

Christina Knickerbocker, Assistant Director, Social Sciences Teacher

Christina Knickerbocker brings with her a varied background.  With a Bachelors in Anthropology, her myriad work experiences include higher education, real estate, and marketing.  She has been homeschooling her four children for a number of years, has lead Destination Imagination programs for four years, and has worked with numerous organizations in support of forwarding individualized education.

Jon Pawelko, Programming, Economics, and Improv Instructor

Jon Pawelko is the owner/developer of Liberty Software Academy, an online programming school for teens and adults.  Jon has been teaching coding for 3+ years after wrapping up a 27 year career as an IT Consultant, including 2 semesters at Mosaic Explore in Manchester, NH.  Jon studied Improv and sketch comedy while living in Chicago and has hosted several Improv Jams in the New Hampshire area.  Jon earned his BS in Computer Science and Economics from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. He holds a high blue belt in the Degerberg Blend Martial Arts system and a Green Glove in the French kickboxing system Savate.

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Kathryn Michelotti, Science and History Instructor, Board Member

Kitty has been educating children in non-traditional settings for over 20 years, using farms, summer camps, and even her own kitchen as backdrops for instructing people of all ages. As a true “Jane of all Trades,” Kitty prides herself on knowing a little about everything. Kitty has been a farmer, educator, firefighter, writer, and student. Her true passions lie in discovering what ignites the “spark” in each of her students. Kitty has bachelor degrees in Animal Science and English, and a masters degree in Extension Education. Switzerland, New York, New Hampshire, and Colorado, are a few of the places Kitty has had the privilege of teaching and living. Kitty has taught in several homeschool coops in NH, coached Lego league, and can often be found unschooling her 3 boys.

Sharon Osborne, Director, Business, English, and Economics Teacher

With an economics background, and entrepreneurial and non-profit experiences, Sharon brings her business wisdom to lead Latitude.  She began her career in the non-profit world in fundraising at a Washington, DC based think tank.  Later, she jumped careers to manage marketing for a manufacturing business she helped to create.  In later years, she served as a board member to several NH non-profits.  Sharon is the mother of three homeschooled children, each with divergent learning styles and needs.  She began Latitude as a way to provide quality child-respectful classes taught by exceptional instructors, and to make a community home for homeschoolers in the central NH region.  More than that, her vision for Latitude is to continually expand educational alternatives to ensure that more children and individuals find the unique learning paradigm that works for their needs.