** Families receiving scholarships through CSF or who have signed up for EFAs, you must contact admin@latitudelearning.org for a separate registration link.
* Upon co-op and learning center registration, families will get a separate link to select classes.
Latitude Learning offers a day-long immersive program for homeschoolers to supplement their individual learning programs.  The program is divided into two age ranges: 3-7 and 8-18.

Young Child: Ages 3-7
Young homeschoolers enjoy a chance to be social with other children.  In this half-day or full-day program, they will receive developmentally appropriate lessons and learn through play and exploration.  Parents are asked to stay and help with their children at this level on a rotation. This program is available Monday-Thursday from mid-January to May.

Homeschool: Ages 8-18
Students take a full-day of classes in such diverse areas as Lego engineering, ballet, 3D printing, computer programming, gym, grammar help, math, animal science, drawing, sculpture, languages, and more. They choose classes based on their age and interests. This program runs from mid-January to early May on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but from late February to early May on Mondays.

Although all days have programming for ages 8-18, most Thursday programmins is geared toward teens. 
Maintaining our community is an integral part of our mission. We make it a priority to meet up outside of classes for social events and fun.  Past events have included ocean days, pool parties, hikes, playground meetups, service projects, talent nights, game days, and so much more.