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YOU MUST Purchase Memberships prior to class registration.  In the Membership purchase email confirmation, a coupon code will be provided.  This needs to be applied to every individual class registration.


With class registrations, fees can be paid in full. Or, a 25% deposit is required.  Email reminders will be sent once a week until payment is received.  All money is due by the Fourth Week of the quarter.  If full payment is not received, students will not be able to attend Latitude.

Average Class Costs Breakdown


Per Day

Per hour class costs 

average of $15*
*Special classes offered by outside educational companies may cost more and do not receive discounts.
Per 7 week quarter
1 class (1 hour)
1 class (1.5 hours)
Discounts of 10% are offered if a child registers for five or more classes per quarter.*
  Classes must be purchased all at once.
*Discounts applied to multi-hour class packages are on a per-child basis.  For the fifth class, there will be a 50% discount.  For 6+ classes, the discount will be 10% for each. 

Membership Benefits

10% discount per class*

First access to class registrations

Homeschool LLR Membership Card

(for proof of homeschooling status to retailers and other groups)

*Discounts do not apply to classes offered by outside educational companies


Membership Levels



one child enrollment

$100 per year


two children enrollment

$175 per year


three + children

$230 per year

Costs with Membership


Per Quarter

1 class per week (1 hour)




with Early Bird Discount

1 day per week 

(5 hour-long classes with 10% Day Discount )




with Early Bird Discount

In comparison, one hour of gymnastics, music, or art classes in the area costs $20+.  Through donations and low overhead, a 7-week Latitude enrichment class is much more affordable.

We are also able to offer scholarships and sliding scale fees to qualifying students.  Please submit our application and send to to apply.   

Class Prices are subject to change without notice.   /  PO Box 16542, Hooksett, NH 03106 
Classes are at Brookside Congregational Church, 2013 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03104

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