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Homeschoolers and their families need a place where they feel welcome and valued, a place where they learn and make discoveries, a place they can be themselves.  Our new Learning Center, located in Derry, NH, gives them what they need.

This center enables Latitude to excel in our three-pronged approach to learning.  Each prong exists at this center in unity.  Our cooperative enables families to take part in the vibrant homeschool community while their children learn in ways that suit them.  Our individualized classes exist for kids to follow their passions and interests.  Lastly, our learning center enables middle and high schoolers to follow their own learning paths in a safe and wholesome environment.

Our new Learning Center also has a lending library, many large classrooms, and so much more.  Homeschoolers can rent rooms for club meetups or other activities like gaming.

21 Black Plague kids.jpg
Go to rear of Building B at 44 Birch St in Derry for access to Latitude Learning.  We are located on the first floor, suite 100.
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