Announcing our Summer Program. More information available here.

Waitlist is available for our Fall 2021 Program.  Register here.


Located in south central NH, Latitude Learning offers enrichment learning options for students ages 3 and up. 


From Lego building, to languages, to theatre, to historical Dungeons and Dragons, to advanced courses for older students, Latitude has something for everyone.*

  • Cooperative, single interest or cross-curricular classes

  • Community atmosphere and support

  • Teachers respect the individual learning styles of their students

* 2021-22 offerings will be released August 2021.

Our programs are designed to be inclusive to all homeschoolers, regardless of income.

Please email to ask about payment options and scholarships.

Latitude is funded through donations, and class and event fees. 

Please visit our Donate page to help support our mission.


Latitude is:

Personalized learning and guidance


We encourage: 



Intellectual Growth

Personal Goals


Co-op/Resource Center Member

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Customized learning for all families